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Vision 2025

Inspire... Engage... Transform...

I firmly believe that the youth of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand can act as heroes in achieving sustainable development of the state. That's why I'm working to set the path to address many of the specific issues facing our youth. Investing in the youth capital of our state is investing in the socio-economic future of our country.

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My key priorities are -

  • Generating livelihood for people in hills and remote areas

  • Transforming the economy of Uttarakhand into a developed and prosperous state

  • Innovation in agriculture with emphasis on horticulture, medical and aromatic plants.

  • Developing Uttarakhand into a world class tourism center

  • Social development and women empowerment

  • Creating entrepreneurial eco-system to address youth unemployment.

  • Innovative strategies for disaster management system in Uttarakhand.

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